Monday, January 10, 2011

Black Folks Would Rather Die Then Walk Away From Bishop Eddie Long


by Julius Kane

Black folks think the media is attacking Christianity when they call out Bishop Eddie Long on his blatant hypocrisy, therefore anybody who says anything negative about the bishop his followers will attack them because they think Jesus Christ himself is under attack. A lot of people Knew Eddie Long was on the down low but they kept it hush-hush. Hell, I'm no rocket scientist but the guy always looked fruity to me. Besides, people who still wear Geri curls in 2010 are suspect anyway. But the 800 pound Gorilla in the room: Christians love, pray and read from a book written, produced and distributed by homosexual males: the King James Bible. Now, even I'm confused. Anyway, here's a guy who's ruined the lives of probably a dozen young men and by extension-hundreds. By hundreds I mean their friends and families have been touched as well. Eddie Long built his Empire off the collective gullibility of Black folks and you can bet your last dollar (his congregation's last dollar) he'll use them to keep it. Eddie Long is far too arrogant to simply just go away. So, he and his followers will continue to drag the credibility of Black spirituality through the muck. I think it's pretty funny however, that the weak minded boys Eddie Long preyed upon are back; except the one time predator has now become their prey. At the end of the day, it's truly too bad there really isn't a hell a spiritual piranha like him can be sent to!

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  1. Eddie long, jesus, and christianity are all played out! It's too bad that too many of our ppl are still under the spell of religion. The sooner these pedophillic and homo preacher's are exposed the sooner jesus and christianity will die in the minds and hearts of black ppl, only then can we focus our spiritual energies towards the upliftment of our mighty race! Hotep & Black Power!